Skydyed w/ Homemade Spaceship and Pandasaywhat

Skydyed w/ Homemade Spaceship and Pandasaywhat

Thursday, December 8th Details Free


Time : 10 pm
Venue : Schmiggity's Live Music Dance Bar
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Colorado-based Skydyed captivates audiences with their progressive blend of live electronic rock. Since their debut in 2014, the electrifying trio has made big waves in the Colorado music scene. The band was honored in 2015 by The and featured on their list of the hottest, up and coming, live-electronic bands. With roots in rock, funk, and jazz, Andrew Slattery (bass), Max Doucette (guitar and synth), and Shane Eagen (drums) create a dynamic musical journey that mesmerizes audiences with every performance. Intertwining organic live instrumentation with electronic production, soulful jams and profound break-beats, the band strives to spread positive vibrations through music.

Skydyed’s first full-length album, A Quantum Dream, captures the band’s constant pursuit of cutting edge production blended with live, organic chemistry that can only be achieved through countless hours of performing together. Every Skydyed song comes into fruition differently than the last. Some songs begin as ideas that come up in the middle of improvised jams, while others begin in the
studio as electronic compositions.